"The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer."    

 - Theodore Leavitt     


Customer Strategy



Partnering Strategy




SECCO2 Engines is interested in conducting pilots with potential customers. Through identifying the unique application of the SECCO2 technology to customer pain points, we can demonstrate the clear advantages of the technology.


Currently, SECCO2 Engines is discussing the use of its S2 engine in multiple applications including:


Solar Farms: Using the waste heat from Solar Farms to provide energy to the S2 engine so it can in turn provide power and cooling. The additional power from the waste heat will increase the solar farm efficiency by as much as 50%, while cooling the solar panels will also raise their operational efficiency.


Industrial Factories: Steel, chemical and power plants can all benefits by raising their overall efficiency through use of waste heat by 15-30%. The ability to increase efficiency, and, hence, save fuel cost while reducing emissions is significant.


Landfill Flares: Using the ‘dirty’ gas from landfills that internal combustion engines and micro turbines have great difficulty using. Through the S2 engine’s ability to easily use landfill gas, electrical power can be generated.


Mining Operations: By replacement of Diesel Engines used in mining operations, the S2 engine can reduce diesel fuel consumption by over 60%.


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